Chronic Poor Posture Relief, Treatment & Healing.

Chronic Poor Posture Relief, Treatment & Healing.

The entire body hinges on the Atlas. Your Atlas determines balance for your entire body including your neck, back, pelvis and hips.  The atlas nor only carries the skull: it is also involved with suspension, balance and control or the spine and skeleton. The weight of your head is shifted off center with the atlas out of position causing poor posture. Poor posture increases spinal and joint wear and tear and increases the risk of back injury including spinal disc degeneration, bulging, and herniation.  These stresses and strains build up over time to wear down our joints, bones, and ligaments.

Your body has to work harder

Poor posture makes your muscles work harder to keep you upright and balanced.  Overtime some muscles become tight and inflexible while others will be inhibited. Dysfunctional adaptions impair your body’s ability to deal with forces on it and can even change the way your muscles fire.  Lungs and other organs become less efficient.  The negative effects of misalignment can be seen throughout the body.

The effects can be dramatic

Head forward poor posture can decrease the lungs efficiency.  Lung capacity is decreased as the diaphragm has decreased space in the thoracic cavity to properly release and contract with each breathe. This can create a decrease in oxygen intake and increase in carbon dioxide build up in the blood. Poor posture make the kidney work harder to buffer the PH in the blood from becoming too acidic due to carbon dioxide buildup in the blood. Bad posture can also slow the movement of your intestines and cause constipation.

A heavy load to bear

Your atlas carries the average 12 pound head so if the atlas is out of position, it throws the balance of head off and the body compensates.  The rest of the neck or cervical spine becomes misaligned in this stressed, incorrect position so the discs in the vertebra may begin to wear prematurely and lead to arthritis in the neck. Arthritis pain can be exacerbated as poor posture leads to misalignment of the spine, hips, knees, putting added pressure on joints.

Your body works harder to keep you upright when it has poor posture which takes more energy so you may get tired faster.  We also add tension and compression to structures that weren’t meant to bear that weight which can add to your fatigue.

Good posture is a breath of fresh air

The most important factor in the spinal column staying straight is having the weight of your head centered over your neck. With good posture, your ability to breathe optimally is boosted. Breath quality is important because the body needs oxygen to restore and rejuvenate cells. Full deep breaths promote a healthy heart, brain, and other organs. AtlasPROfilax can improve your posture in a safe, single three minute treatment.

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