Central Nervous System Relief, Treatment & Healing

Central Nervous System Relief, Treatment & Healing

Unnecessary pressure on the system: The brain communicates with the central nervous system and its nerves connect to the entire body.  The atlas vertebrae (C1) is located at the base of the skull at the opening of the spinal canal and is the most crucial junction in the entire system. The brainstem is surrounded by the atlas so any malrotation can put pressure on the brainstem and inhibit optimal function.

First, the center

The central nervous system is the master center of all the systems in the body and communications must be unrestricted for the brain to be able to diagnose the body’s needs. The brainstem plays a key role in CNS function. The vagus nerve passes just in front of the atlas and with compression on this extremely important nerve, issues with the heart, lungs, stomach, digestion, intestines, upper esophagus, larynx, pharynx, external hearing apparatus, and several muscles can be affected. Breathing, blood pressure regulation, and it is a communication hub between the brain and all the signals that come from the body along the spinal cord.

A new approach

AtlasPROfilax can remove and improve that interference to restore normal nerve function and create an environment of optimal health and healing in the body. The body needs free communication from the brain to the body. 

AtlasPROfilax can optimize and improve CNS function in a single, safe three minute treatment.

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