Fibromyalgia Relief, Treatment & Healing.

Fibromyalgia Relief, Treatment & Healing.

Fibromyalgia. What is it? The sub-occipital muscles at the base of the skull can put stress on the myodural bridge and can cause a torque of the brain layers at the cranial spinal junction which can cause constant irritation of the spinal thalamic tract which transmit pain signals to the body and cause chronic pain.

A different cause requires a different solution

The National Fibromyalgia Research Association reports that most sufferers of Fibromyalgia display cervicomedullary (brainstem) or spinal cord compression sometimes due to decrease range of motion in the upper cervical spine and/or poor posture.  A misalignment in this area can irritate the spinal cord and brainstem and disrupt the communication of pain signals.

AtlasPROfilax can reset the sub occipital muscles and pain receptors with a safe three minute treatment.

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